Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Brand Spankin New Pretties For My Babies

Shaylynne is styling with her new pretties!
I couldn't capture Lilly sporting hers :(
I bought some silver bracelets for my little sweeties! ohhh I'm so thrilled with them! hehe
I had to show them off... My daughter, Lilly, calls them "pretties". She didn't want to take hers off. But she normally only wears her pretties for a little while before she decides it needs to come off. So my plan, this time is to have Shaylynne start wearing her pretties at a VERY young age. (She's 4 months old) So when she's like 2-3 years, she won't have any qualms about wearing pretties... :) I only wish I had thought about this for Lilly...

These were made by BrighidsForge.

I found that this store had the best price out of everyone who had answered my alchemy request.

Which was great for me, since the items would be worn by youngins.. I don't want to pay too much for jewelry that may end up lost, ya know? And the quality is great and the lettering is fantastic! Though I hope to have these until the girls are adults... The seller assured me that they are sturdy enough to have around for decades. So I have high hopes! :)
So, yay!


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  2. These are so...pretty!:D I love them!:)

    ShayLynne is so adorable!:) <3