Monday, March 16, 2009

Male Etsian Artist~ Allenbritebath

He didn't have a yellow ducky toilet seat.. but that's okay! There are so many gorgeous seats to choose from- I want a few! For all you Owl lovers, he has a seat for you! Plus cute little trinket boxes! (Do men hate their items being called "cute"? hmmm)
I am blown away by this peacock, that's a lot of detail! I'd probably hang it on my wall so that noone could sit on it, hehe. And ah, more cherry blossoms, I love cherry blossoms..
All of these artistic seats and boxes are hand carved and painted on Oak!
Please read his answer in blue at the bottom, it's very motivational!

How and when did you discover your talent?About 5 years ago, I was over-educated, unemployed, and broke. My wife offered to sell some of my carvings online, and they sold! After that, we spent a couple of years selling at shows and small stores, but came back to sell seats online. we have been online exclusively ever since.
What or Who do you think is the most important influence in your work? Other than myself, I would have to say my wife. She tells me when things are wrong or don't look right. but ultimately it's me. I choose the design that goes on the seat. I have made some designs that I have loved, but never sold. I still love them though.
What is your favorite piece and why? I have too many to list. Ultimately, I love the process more than the finished product.
Where do you do your work? At home in a small room I have converted to my shop.
When do you feel the most creative and motivated? at night.
Where do you feel your art and yourself are going? I want every bathroom in America to have one of my seats in it. I just have to figure out how to make that happen.
Have you found any pros or cons to being a male artist? Or does it even matter?None that I have found, I really don't know what demographic I appeal to.
Do you feel that you should be promoted on Etsy for being male? Not really, I think that most of the buyers on Etsy are women. Until more men show up to buy stuff, I think male sellers will continue to market their items to women.
What do you do to promote yourself? I Blog, post on forums, and hang out in chat rooms. I'm not very chatty, but I do post pictures of my stuff routinely. My blog is I post on it regularly.
Is there anything you would like to add? To all those people who think you have to have a job and can not make it on your own. Think again! For two years I was the only income selling carved toilet seats online. My wife now helps with an etsy shop of her own because she wanted in on the "fun". We have been told by people who we admired, that we would NEVER make it working at home selling "crafties" and we have proven them wrong for 5 years! It does not take much talent, or skill, or money. Just determined persistence, and passion. I know this lifestyle is not for everyone, but it is very rewarding knowing that you set your own hours, set your own pay, and handle your own finances. There is no "boss", only customers. Remember that not everyone will "understand" your goals. Just as long as you do yourself. Hmm sounds like a small speech there, but Sometimes I think it's nice to hear a little positive reinforcement when you explore the unknown of running a business online. I hope there are others who feel the same way.


  1. I LOVE it!
    Great work AllenBriteBath.
    And great interview. It can be lonely being a bloke on Etsy. Always glad when I find there are more out there.

  2. That peacock is amazing and I love the cherry blossom one too. Wow! Very talented!

  3. A fantastic story, thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Love this artist!! His message at the very end is one that I, and I'm sure every craftsperson/artist, needs to hear. If only I could kick my own arse into action!*chuckles*

    This guy is definitely inspiring, working from home with his wife -wow!

    I 'want' that Peacock toilet seat lid, that is gorgeous!!:D

    Now I definitely MUST check out the rest of his gallery.:)