Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Featured Etsian~ thelostfound

My name is Maryann Peik and I have a vintage shop called The Lost and Found. and my blog.
I live in sunny San Diego, California and have a wonderful husband and two beautiful girls, ages 1 and 4. They keep my hands full during the day, but at night and in my spare time, I love to search thrift stores for great vintage finds!
I have always had a love for great vintage stuff! I love the styles of the 1940's and 50's. The day dresses, the hairstyles, the cute hats, the heels-- it was sexy, yet demure at the same time-- and I like that! I would definitly choose to live then if I had my choice. Times were tough back then, yet I feel there was a better sense of community which would be wonderful to experience.
I have loved and collected vintage for about 5 years now-- but I always had an interest in where a piece was from and if it had a history. Jewelry I really find interesting because you never know who has worn that special ring or brooch, or who gave it to them and why.
I haven't been selling all that long, just since February; but I feel I have done pretty well in my short time and hopefully the business continues to grow.
I love what I am doing- I get to buy great vintage stuff, and hope to make someones day with passing it on to them!
My favorite piece right now would have to be this vintage nightgown~~it is so pretty and soft! It has this beautiful black lace that adorns the neckline and it is just stunning!

I also wanted to let any of your blog readers know, that if they mention "lillyshaystyle" at purchase, I will refund back to them 10% of the price of any purchase from !

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