Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sneaky Chen


I received my Power Colon Cleanse Wednesday.
It was shipped from China, which I did not know.

Here's the address from where it is sent:

Original Office: CHAOZHOU

The phone number and everything else on the label is in Chinese Characters, which is no help to me.

The label also says the declared value is only $11.00! HA!

Someone named CHEN signed the package, hi CHEN!
Chen is a very sneaky person, dontcha think!? Small print and all...

The package says there is a $180.00 charge, I'm not sure if that is Chinese money or U.S. But I definitely am not going to pay that much money for something that was supposed to cost me less than $5. That's slightly twice the amount that is stated in the Terms of Agreement.

There is no invoice in the package- Odd, right?

Luckily, I have 15 days after the order was made to cancel my subscription. Since I ordered this 6/30, and today is now 7/10- That only leaves me 5 days to cancel. How can they expect anyone to even have time to try the "free trial" if you only have a few days once you've recieved it??!

Hmmm, I'm just keeping the pills and returning the empty bottle.. We'll see how that goes!

I will be reporting this company to the BBB.

I do NOT recommend anyone ordering this product. It's really too much of a hassle. I know that I can buy many other great colon cleanses from local stores, for about $10-20.00.- Much better!

I haven't tested the product, yet. But I will shortly. I am trying to contact the company before I do anything.

I called today and was on hold for half an hour, then decided to email them. I will get a hold of my own Credit Card Company tomorrow to put a stop on this.

Wish me luck everyone!

That's my "Free" 30 day supply.
It came to me crushed and beaten..


Now Some Good News!
I have lost another pound!
10 pounds down & 16 left till I hit my goal weight!

Please remember, during this time of losing weight I have done no extra exercise. The only exercise I have done is from regular day to day activities of being a mom.
i.e. cleaning, changing diapers, crafts...

All it took was cutting out sugar and changing my diet.

I will start to exercise soon though, I hope to see an increase in weight loss, but also an increase in muscle mass.
I am using a The "Ultimate Flex & Core Cookbook" from Weight Watchers for my meals.
Though I am not participating in the Weight Watchers Program...
I simply found this book at a yard sale.

The recipes are delicious and very healthy.


  1. Sorry about your cleanse. Haha. Good to hear your diet is working out for you.

  2. Sounds like a great start on the diet! congrats. Good luck on taking care of the order issue!

  3. Well done you, it's amazing how little changes get big results.... and good for you challenging these con people!!!

  4. I'd be interested to hear how the cleanse goes!

  5. Sorry Lilly, but colon cleanses scare me ;-(
    Dr. Oz Memet says in Esquire magazine...

    question 2. I get these e-mails about colon cleansing. Is it a good idea?

    You'll get rid of more crap by deleting the e-mails. The intestines empty themselves completely if you eat a high-fiber diet.

    Please be careful with that stuff. Good luck with your new eating habits!

  6. Well - good luck! Maybe try something from a local store - a place you can go back to if you have trouble.
    Congrats on another pound!!

  7. I was encouraged when I read what your post was about because I'm anxious to find a good colon cleanse product. And I am still encouraged after reading since this obviously knocks one off the list haha. Thanks for the info there, will steer clear! KUDOS on the weight loss! Without exercising that is fantastic, think what you'll lose once you start too. So inspiring :-)

  8. I'm with janet and Dr. Oz on this. Those high powered colon cleansers take out everything! including the vitamins you need! Send it all back honey.

    My Dr just told me to lose weight. I'm starting a "Weigh-in Wednesdays" on my blog. Drop by if you are interested. I'm hoping we can share good and healthy tips and encourage each other.

  9. Sorry to hear you got scammed. DO NOT try the product - they are made very cheap in China (for less than $1 per bottle) and who knows what is in it! Seriously you could harm yourself - throw it in the bin.

    Don't bother with BBB - they are not much use. Go straight to and file a complaint.
    If you still have the email form the freecycle dude, send that to the FTC too.

    Power Colon Cleanse is a huge scam. The guy on freecycle was a scammer too - he is an affiliate of a CPA network and gets paid $42 for each sign-up for the "free trial". You should report this scam to the FTC - file a complaint at

    There are many complaints online about these scammers, see:

    You will get charged $$$ on your card even if you cancel, you need to contact your bank and get them to do a chargeback on any and all unauthorised charges.
    See: for how to do this. You can also report to if you get any unauthorised charges.

    This company is involved with another scam for fake weightloss green tea, acai, pure resv and
    many more - do a Gogole search for the number 519-513-2218 and you will see that.

    P.S You do not need to clean your colon - you can end up harming yourself and their is no proven benefit.