Saturday, January 17, 2009

Making my own fabric covered buttons

I just figured out today that I can make my own fabric covered buttons! I don't know why I never before considered this. I am a button whore, I have tons of them from various eras, colors, even seasons! I know, I know....buttons.. They just make great extras on anything!

Now that I have had my great realization, I can't stop thinking of all the endless possibilities. Buttons on everything, Buttons on bows, elastics, rings.... Oh the things I could do with buttons! The best thing is that they will match my clothing creations without my having to search!

So every night I have a horrible time sleeping, just horrible! Why? Not because my husband won't sleep still or my daughter is attached to me like a leach... (Yes, we co-sleep!) No no, nothing like that. I just lie awake thinking of all the endless outfits I can make. I think of all the materials I have, and yes, buttons... What can I do with them?! Too much! I can literally do too much! Its a little overwheming! Only because I want to do too many things with something that I can only create into one thing. ......sigh..... What's a girl to do?

My most exciting craft right now is upcycling denim, mostly pants, but any denim. I have one spectacular HUGE pair of denim shorts that were given to me, I love the person who decided they didn't need these anymore because they are all mine now!!! MINE! (Okay, I go a little nuts with this stuff) With one leg I made an awesome halter top, and yes it has lots of buttons...! I love it! Now I have another leg that I have like three ideas for! I can't decide which to do! In fact, the only reason I haven't started my new creation is this ...catastrophe... yes it is a catatrophe in my mind.. No other denim I have is this large and giving! Even the butt, I have a few things I want to do with it... It's going to be a rather large Hobo Purse, fun!! Perfect for mommies or any lady with lots of stuff. I can't decide if I should use a flap top, zipper, BUTTONS and loops, velcro.... Don't know...!

Okay, I must stop myself. Talking about all this beautiful craftiness is making me want to be crafty!

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